HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou

HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou v1 Chapter 4 Part 6

Internally screaming at his body to spur it on, Yuuki got up.

“Saitou…your HP is 0%…How?”

“Heh heh…I don’t understand it myself…but women are in danger…and so…I have to get up.”

Yuuki’s knees were shaking. He felt that it took his utmost effort just to stand up normally.

Generally in RPGs, sleeping for one night will recover HP entirely.

Currently, it has been a minute since Ryuuzaki starting beating up Yuuki.

Although under normal circumstances there would be no room for recovery, the units of Yuuki’s HP were in Nayuta—His recovery speed during these sixty seconds were not normal. That’s why he was able to get up, if only just barely.

Currently, his remaining HP was at several trillions among several ten-quadrillions, so he got the feeling that he was okay.

However, since Yuuki’s HP was in units of Nayuta, the amount he currently had was in range of being negligible enough to perhaps not even exist.

In other words, the reality was that he still felt terrible because almost 100% of his HP has been cut down.

In short—Yuuki had really been driven into a corner.

“How…are you able to stand up? You’re willing to go that far…for these girls? Saitou, why are doing this much just to protect women? In Japan, you were ultimately—someone that was just like me, right?”

“Even I…don’t think well of your lifestyle or personality! However!”


“You probably would go and kill those ladies. So, I won’t fight back! I am…Saitou Yuuki! I was not raised to be like a fiend that would abandon women who had fallen in love with me!!”

“Why…are you…going so far…for those girls that you’ve only met briefly? You’re supposed to be the same as me…aiming for a harem…”

“Certainly…a harem is a praise-worthy feat. However…there is a big difference between you and me.”

“A big…difference?”

“My belief is—to be a bright lewd person. That’s my motto!”

“What are you talking about…Saitou?”

“You keep nagging on! Indeed, I’m just a worthless human being…but, this is my belief! If I stray from it, then I would just be some low-life!”

“…In other words?”

“—Even in another world, if you help out a women, you’ll be more popular without fail…! That is the path I follow…! A noble, righteous, lewd happy-life where everyone is bright…That is the path of a harem I am aiming for!!!!”


“There’s only one thing I want to say—Your eroticism…is something I do not believe in!”

Ryuuzaki began to laugh while his shoulders quivered.

“I see. Saitou. I thought—that you and I were the same, but it seems that I had misunderstood.”

Then, he loudly brandished his fist and continued,

“It seems that you were just an idiot…This will really be the end…This last blow will finish things.”

While saying so, Ryuuzaki shifted his attention towards the three who were bound to the Demon Realm tree.

“That being said…you having the power to get up after having your HP cut down…As expected, you really are a strange one. I’ve changed my mind.”

“Changed your mind?”

“Yup. I just thought of something nice. Let me try and convince you…one last time.”

“…What do you plan on doing?”

“Your fragile beliefs and the essence of what you do…I’ll crush it. Even if you think of anything—you cannot oppose me. I’ll make you realize that.”

With that Ryuuzaki began chanting some kind of spell.

At Ryuuzaki’s feet, a shining geometric pattern—a magic square, began to rise.

“This is Confusion Magic. If I make you personally kill the very companions you’re trying to protect…you will realize the truth. You’ll realize how flimsy—your good-for-nothing talk is…”

Instantly, a black magic-type curse coursed through Yuuki’s brain.

His sense of thought turned muddy and unstable, along with feeling that everything was melting.

Until now, Yuuki was able to handle any situation using his overwhelming status, but…in reality, he had almost no resistance towards status abnormalities.

As evident of that, when he had that chance meeting with the medusa the other day, he had received petrification.

“W…what the heck is this…?”

It was as if he was turning into someone that wasn’t himself, and though it was not something Yuuki himself realized, he had been overtaken by a state similar to being drunk.


His sense of thought plummeted and consciousness turned cloudy.

“Saitou. First thing’s first—kill that medusa child. Next the Succubus Queen. Once your hands are dripping with blood, you will realize the truth.”

And then,

A magical burst occurred in Yuuki’s brain.


What would happen if Yuuki, who was always confused, gets affected by magic meant to induce confusion?

Yeah—From the start, since there wasn’t any room left for further confusion to enter, his brain had been put into a precarious situation.

So, due to that, it became evident that some phenomenon akin to shock-therapy had taken place.

In other words, half-way…and temporarily, he had acquired a circuit of rational human thought.

While dozing off in his dreams, Yuuki recalled the various things that happened up until this point.

Beating a magician who wielded magic on par with a nuke.

While he was running, the trees around him blew away somehow.

The petrification of medusa being nullified.

Then he remembered his own status. It stated that the ‘1’ was denoted in terms of ‘Nayuta.’

And there―he noticed it.


―It might be that…I’m insanely powerful, aren’t I?


At this late of a time—Yuuki…finally realized the truth about his body and his limitless potential.

“Now then, Saitou—using your own hands…take the medusa’s life!”

However, Saitou did not make even a slight movement towards Ryuuzaki’s instructions.

“Hey, Ryuuzaki—”


“While I was feeling drowsy just a while ago, you were blabbering away as you pleased…Just shut up already. I can’t stand you.”

The atmosphere trembled around Yuuki.

The now-enlightened strongest being let forth a fighting spirit. Organic matter, inorganic matter—all trembled without discrimination.

Taking a deep breath, Yuuki let out a nihilistic smile

“For the past seventeen years of my life…my brain had…always been bizarre, it seems…Well, that’s fine…isn’t it, Ryuuzaki?”

Towards the intimidation let off by Yuuki, whose aura that had suddenly changed, Ryuuzaki had unconsciously reacted by letting out a cramped expression.

“…Why…isn’t my…confusion working…?”

“Do you…know what Nayuta means?”

“Nayu…ta…? Ten to the sixtieth power?”

There was sound that cut through the wind.

With that sound, Yuuki greatly moved his right fist this way and that. His fist lightly grazed Ryuuzaki’s nose.

A vigorous nosebleed gushed out.

After staring blankly at the fluid coming out of his nose for a few moments, Ryuuzaki was at a loss for words.

“…Blood? Just now…what…did you do?”

With a crack, Yuuki stretched his neck.

“Just a slight poke…And in addition…”

“…In addition?”

“I’ll hold myself so that I don’t pulverize you. No matter how much of a trash heap you are…it’d be bad for me to awaken to a killing habit.”

“—Not to pulverize me?”

“You’ve done a lot. Anyhow…you managed to drive me, who has Nayuta-level stats, into a corner, although that was the other version of myself back then.”


A look of despair gradually started to appear on Ryuuzaki’s face.

“I thought something was strange, but…your status…No way…”

Yuuki nodded his head.

“HP Nayuta. MP Nayuta. Attack Nayuta. Defense 65535. Agility 65535…As you can guess…”

Then, he continued,

“I am—the strongest being alive.”

Once grasping everything, Ryuuzaki stiffened on the spot.

“However…Saitou. No matter what power you have—you are finished after one blow, that doesn’t change…”

At the moment when Ryuuzaki sent a right hook towards Yuuki’s face, Yuuki avoided it by slightly turning his face.

It didn’t even skim the tip of his nose—It was off only by a few microns.

Becoming half-crazed, Ryuuzaki sent blows towards Yuuki one after another. And in all cases, his fists hit only the air.

“Hey, Ryuuzaki? I’m avoiding all of your attacks—Is there even a reason to keep trying to hit me?”


“…Give up, Ryuuzaki. I’ll say it myself, the opponent you’re up against is too powerful.”

“However, are you really fine with this? Saitou…you’re trying to protect these girls…and you’ve made a counterattack against me…In other words, I’ll command the girls to commit suicide—”

Ryuuzaki tried to speak further so that he could command Natasha and the others, but—

Before he realized it, his jaw had been seized by Yuuki and slammed shut.

“Ryuuzaki? Did you think I’d let you? From the start—you had no opportunity to order them.”

Ryuuzaki realized the true difference in fighting ability between them at this point.

What kind of fight did he get himself into? What kind of being had he been trying to put under his control?

He had completely realized it all.

In other words, no matter what he did, it would be impossible for him to manage the being in front of his eyes…

“Whoops, it’s about time…for us girls to come back to our senses, it seems?”

With those words came the voice of Natasha Erigaul, who was supposed to be restrained by the Demon Realm tree.

“It seems—we’ll have to show you a lesson for your misdeeds.”

As those words were said, the tree branches that coiled around the girls were cut into pieces by invisible blades that appeared from nowhere.

Then, three people safely landed from the sky to the ground.

Everyone glared at Ryuuzaki. The sanity had been completely restored in their eyes.

“You all…how…how…did you turn back to normal?! My charm was perfect! My training was perfect! And yet…how…”

Natasha snapped her fingers and the Demon Realm tree was wrapped up in an explosive hellfire.

“How absurd. We’ve already—been charmed by that man there. There is no way that your brainwashing would last forever…!”

Ryuuzaki turned his attention to Yuuki.

“That’s how it is—Ryuuzaki.”

“What nonsense…What is this? What’s going on? Why, why is…everything…ending here…Saitou…you…what the hell kind of person are you?”

“—Me? I’m…hmm…—”

Yuuki spoke with a smile, as if he were a cloud that was floating freely in the blue sky,

“I’m―just a Metal Slime passing by.”

TLN: So I guess Ryuuzaki is supposed to be the LN’s Higure or something. They’re both quite similar in that they’re former Japanese citizens that have a power lust and eventually make MC realize his OP-ness with Confusion Magic.
You may have noticed a few parallels between this part and the Higure arc. There are even some lines here that are copied straight from it.

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